CCNA Study Group - April 1999 (Finished) March 26 - 09:26 pm

ACRC Study Group - April 1999 (Finished) November 30 - 09:53 pm

CIT Study Group - April 1999 (Finished) March 31 - 04:16 pm

CCIE Written Exam - April 1999 (Finished) July 06 - 07:02 am

Test Area - Practice Studyroom October 23 - 01:50 pm

This topic is set up so that you can practice posting messages and uploading images, and experiment with formatting.

OSPF Design Jan. 1999- FINISHED March 12 - 01:27 am

OSPF Design Study Group. Moderated by Tom Thomas, author of the book used in the group. This study session is finished

Moderator's Lounge April 09 - 01:39 pm

Information and practice area for Moderators. Not of interest to non-moderators of

WebSite Subjects May 27 - 02:01 pm

Message Board for various topics linked from the Website

Welcome to the Study Rooms at Please feel free to browse any of the rooms. To join a study group, click on edit profile or contact the moderator of the group. Most groups allow for automatic registration found under edit profile