CIT Study Group - April 1999 (Finished) School: CIT Study Group - April 1999 (Finished)
Greetings and welcome to the CIT study room! Enrollment is still open, so click on "Edit Profile" to the left to join.

Instead of an "official" book, we will be using the exam objectives, provided by Cisco, to facilitate more ideas and material from all available sources.

Currently, the best sources of information are the class materials, Cisco's Internetwork Troubleshooting Handbook (ITH), Syngress' CCNP/CIT book, and the Cisco Website.

This week, Let's try to get through objectives 1-5 (one a day). Remember, let's stick to the Cisco methodology - after all, this is what the exam is about - other discussions are fair game in the Student's Lounge.

Below, you'll find several topics: Getting Started, for those new to GroupStudy; Moderator's notes, for me to post announcements and such; CIT Outline, the main area for this group; CIT Student Lounge, for more open discussions; a links page; and a FAQ page, feel free to send me ( links or items for these two pages.