CCNA Study Group - April 1999 (Finished) School: CCNA Study Group - April 1999 (Finished)
Keys To Success: The study week runs from Monday through Sunday. Start the week with the assigned reading, and ask/answer questions in the Chapter Discussion area. By the weekend, you should be able to post an accurate answer to any of the Course Objectives.

Objective: By the end of this study group, each active participant will have had the opportunity to learn the material necessary to be a CCNA. This will include the CCNA test objectives, plus a few things you'll need "in the real world." This is not a brain dump.

Materials: The Sybex CCNA Study Guide, plus a few web sites added to the syllabus as we go along.

Syllabus: CCNA Group Study Syllabus Check and Refresh Often! (Last updated June 27th)