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Welcome to the GroupStudy Study Rooms.  GroupStudy Study Rooms are an offshoot of the Cisco Certification Mailing List where list-members join together (i.e. Study Group) and study a particular topic or a book in more depth than is feasible on the mailing list. 

Each study group  is run by a "moderator" who maintains control of that particular group.  How the group   is conducted, the number of participants, and what subjects are presented is up to the individual moderator.   Some moderators take an active teaching roll and run the study group  in a formal structured manner, while others allow for a more free-flow discussion.

How do I join a Study Group?

To join a study group, you must enroll during "open" enrollment, at which time you will receive a user-account and password.   Some groups allow for enrollment at any time while others only register students during a set period of time at the beginning of the discussion.  The enrollment policy is up to the moderator.  Please do not ask to join a "closed" group. 

If you can not get into a study group, you may always "audit" the group by following the discussion and reading the assigned materials.  A person who is auditing can not participate in the class by posting messages.

To join a study group, first verify the group   is still open by checking the message board for that particular discussion.  Select "Edit Profile" and instant registration to join.    Preferential treatment will be given to mailing list members.

If you do join a study group, please plan to participate.  Most groups  have limited enrollment and a non-participant is taking the place of someone who may want to join.  You may always audit any of the groups..

How do I find out about new Study Groups?

New study groups  will be advertised on this website.  Most groups  will be discussed on the mailing list before being offered, so it is best to monitor the list.  You may join the list or monitor the archives from this website.

How Do I become a moderator?

If you would like to become a moderator, send an e-mail to pborghese@groupstudy.com with an outline and syllabus of the class.  Please give details concerning the duration and number of participants you are expecting.  If it sounds like a good idea, a classroom will be setup for you.  Moderators are responsible for maintaining the study group  and registering students.

How much does a class cost?

How much you got? (just kidding).  There is no charge to join a study group.  Any cost will be directly related to materials.   Most groups require a text book, so you will need to somehow acquire the book.  If you do plan to purchase the book through Amazon.com, please support this website by clicking  through from the bookstore.