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Problem ID: IPX1W
Submission Date: September 29, 1998
Submitted By: Bradly Walters


Configure 2 Routers connected Serially using PPP. Set up IPX Routing
between the two with a Workstation at one end and Novell Servers at the
other. Configure the Routers so when running RCONSOLE you can see the list
of Servers but not connect to any of them.

A few comments:

I am just gearing up for the written exam. I realize that their are others
preparing for the practical test. Perhaps the solutions should be divided
into two groups; Theory (the why) and Applications (the how.)

Theory Questions:

Novell supports four ethernet frame types; ethernet_II, ethernet_snap,
ethernet_802.2, and ethernet_802.3. What are the corresponding Cisco IOS
frame types?

Define SAP. What layer(s) of the OSI model does this protocol relate to?

Name one difference between tcp/ip's RIP and Novell's ipx/spx RIP.

What does the acronym NLSP refer to?

Parting Comments:
This scenario might change slightly if the server was running NetWare 5.0.
I will post my answers in a few days... Corrections are welcome.