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Problem ID: IPX1L
Submission Date: September 29, 1998
Submitted By:


Configure 2 Routers connected Serially using PPP.
Set up IPX Routing between the two with a Workstation at one end and Novell
Servers at the other.

Configure the Routers so when running RCONSOLE you can see the list of Servers
but not connect to any of them.

Suggested Modifications by Paul Borghese:

I see this question as actually two seperate problems:

The first problem would be the two routers are always connected as through a
dedicated point-to-point connect in which an access-list may be a solution.

The second problem the two routers are connected through some Dial-on-demand
circuit (still using PPP) and you need to maintain the SAP table between the
two routers.

Suggested Modifications by Timothy J. Klink:

Okay, that's not too hard. Of course there are many ways to pass SAPs but not be
able to reach them. As an added incentive:

Take steps to minimize the IPX trafic that traverses the WAN link. This includes
IPX/SAP traffic etc. Be prepared to explain/justify the methods you use.