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Because of the recent spam messages, we were forced into changing how messages are accepted on this list. It use to be the case that any message would be accepted. But this allowed a limited amount of spam through the list. The new policy is to only allow subscribed addresses to post. But many people found it inconvenient to use the subscribed address to post and about 10-15 messages/day were being blocked.

Ok, so I worked out a solution that may fit all of our needs. There will be another list, ccielab-post, just to add accounts for postings. Postings will be allowed from any member of the CCIELab or CCIELAB-POST list. The CCIELAB-Post list will not generate any traffic, so you will be able to add as many accounts as desired without fear of filling your e-mail inbox. IF YOU ONLY PLAN TO POST FROM YOUR PRIMARY E-MAIL ACCOUNT, NO ADDITIONAL ACTION IS NECESSARY. This is only for those who would like to have the opportunity to post from other e-mail accounts.

To add other e-mail accounts, send a message (from the account you would like to add) to with the body containing:

subscribe ccielab-post

This will add your e-mail account to the posting list allowing it to be used to send messages to the list.

Take care,

Paul Borghese