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Mailing Lists
  The use of a mailing list was the original form of a GroupStudy™ and still an extremely popular option. Please be advised that some of the groups receive on average 150 messages/day! If you want to use your e-mail account for other purposes, you will need to set up mail filters (i.e. Inbox Assistant, procmail, etc.) to sort the list from other e-mail. When you join the list, you will receive a message detailing posting procedures and how to remove yourself from the list. Do not loose this message!
  An alternative to the mailing list is to read the list through a newsfeed. This allows you to only download the messages of interest and keep your e-mail account seperate. All e-mail messages are duplicated in the newsfeed with the newsfeed being the first updated. To access the groups via the newsfeed, set your news client to (Hint: Try clicking on the link).
  This is the newest method of participation. You may now access the GroupStudy™ via a web browser without the hastle of using an e-mail or news client. We are now testing this method using the Associates group.

Before posting to a list, please read the Guidelines and check the Archives to verify the topic has not already be discussed. The current list of GroupStudies include:

Associates Our newest list for people new to the field of Network Engineering. Most members of this list are studying for Cisco's CCNA certification. If you need to know more information about Cisco's Certification process, this is the GroupStudy™ for you!
Formally The Cisco Certificaiton Mailing List
This list is dedicated to topics relating to Cisco Certifications beyond the CCNA Level. The list is quite popular and frequently receives over 100 messages/day. A complete archive is maintained, along with a digest version of the list and a newsfeed.
Lab Lab is designed for those that are planning to take the CCIE Lab within 90 days. The list is limited to only those thate are actually schedued for the lab. A complete archive is maintained which anyone can read.
Jobs/Employment Discussions about employment related issues. Are you underpaid? What jobs are out there for network engineers? Contains many headhunters and employment experts willing to answer your questions. The list is archived and available in newsfeed format.

Please read the posting guidelines before sending a message to any of the lists. Also, read HELP UNSUBSCRIBE for additional help with unsubscribing the list.