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Help I can not unsubscribe

OK, so you want to unsubscribe but for whatever reason you are not able.   First thing you should NOT do is contact the moderator of the list, until all other options are exhausted.  The end of this document will contain a form you may e-mail to the moderator for help.  Please do not expect immediate action.  You are asking someone to take time out of his/her schedule to help you, please be patient with your request and try all avenues discussed in this page before requesting help.

Let us look at what we know.  Sometime in the past you subscribed to the list and for whatever reason you would like to unsubscribe.  When you subscribed an automated message was sent to you (the one that said "Please Save").   This message will have the exact format of the e-mail address you used to subscribe.  Having this message will greatly simplify the task.  We will get back to why in a second.

Most people have problems with unsubscribing because they subscribed with an alias that is different from their "FROM:" address on their e-mail.  For example, suppose you worked in the Whitehouse.  Your e-mail address may be  When people send e-mail to that alias, it somehow gets forwarded to your mailbox.  But suppose the e-mail at the Whitehouse is configured incorrect and all messages Bill sends has the "FROM:" address of   Notice the FROM address does not match the alias address Bill is telling everyone is his e-mail address.

Now, let us say Bill wants to join the mailing list.  He subscribes from the website using   After a few weeks of receiving 60+ e-mail messages a day, he is now a CCIE from all of the information he has learned and would like to discontinue his subscription.  So he sends a message to majordomo with the body containing "unsubscribe cisco".   But oops, he receives the message: is not a member of the list

This is because it does not match his alias he subscribed.  He may unsubscribe using the website, at which time he will type his alias into the List Manager.   Or he may unsubscribe by sending a message to majordomo in the form:

unsubscribe cisco

So if you are having problems unsubscribing, it is probably do to a problem similar to the one just outlined.  What you need to do, it try and figure out what alias you used to subscribe.  If you have the original message sent when you joined, you will greatly simplify this task.  The original message contains the exact format of the alias you used to subscribe!  There should be a line in the message that will be of the form:

unsubscribe cisco

Just follow the directions in the message and send that line in a message to

OK, what do I do if someone broke into my house/office and maliciously deleted that message.  Or (gasp) I deleted it myself.  Well, try and remember how you subscribed to the list.  If you utilized the website to join, try and unsubscribe from the website using the same e-mail address.  In fact, go to the website and type in a few likely aliases.  While you are doing this, send a message to the person that manages your e-mail asking to correct the FROM address being derived from your organization to match your alias!

So suppose you are still subscribed even after typing in every possible alias you can think of on the website.  Now is the time to ask the moderator for help.  Please fill out the the form below and send it to


HELP I can not unsubscribe!  I tried the follow with the described results:

1. Sent a message to with the body containing "unsubscribe cisco".  The following message was returned:


2. I followed the instructions in the initial automated message sent to me when I subscribed and the following results were returned:


3. I sent a message to with the body containing "unsubscribe cisco" where xxx@yyy.zzz was the following addresses:


4. I tried to unsubscribe using the website.  I tried the following aliases:


None of the above actions worked.  I am receiving e-mail from the list at the following address:


Some possible aliases may be:


My domain is: