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Welcome to the Cisco Certification CCIE Commercial Mailing List.  This list is designed for people who have purchased commercial study materials (such as Study Labs) that cost more then $125.00 and would like to discuss those materials with others who have the same materials. Books and less expensive materials may be discussed in one of the other Certification lists.

Because most people subscribed to this list will also be subscribed to the corresponding general certification list, I have added the feature of applying [COM] to the beginning of any subject posted from this list. Therefore, you may join both lists and have both lists be sent to the same folder (you are sorting your mail :-)). You will be able to quickly tell from which list the discussion originated.

The list rules and posting guidelines will be the same as the Cisco Certification Mailing List (RULES).  Please do not break your nondisclosure agreement with Cisco if you have already taken the CCIE Lab.  This is NOT a "Brain-Dump" group for the lab.  If you are expecting to find the actual CCIE Lab questions in this group, please go elsewhere.

Certifications: Cisco's CCIE program

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How to Join:

You may subscribe by sending a PLAIN TEXT message to with the body containing:

subscribe commercial

If you would like to subscribe an e-mail address other then the one you are using, send the command in the form of:

subscribe commercial

You will need to return an authentication from the subscribed e-mail address before you are added to the list.

If the confirmation is accepted, then you will receive a confirmation letter welcoming you to the group. PLEASE DO NOT LOOSE THAT EMAIL. It tells you exactly how to unsubscribe from the list.