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Sites Recommended by the Members

Centainty Solutions
Page listing all of the different types of console connectors used in the industry. Contains cable diagrams and vendor part numbers.

Oz's list of useful links
Oz has searched the universe and found useful links for Cisco Certification students.
***** Excellent site having information on all of the various protocols. Even the hard to find protocols such as Appletalk, SNA, X.25,Banyan Vines, etc are included! Highly recommended!

Word Reference
Online dictionaries and translation. While not exactly a certification site, a great site to have available while studying.

Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)
RFCs, Internet Drafts, Meetings, and Proceedings of the organization.

RFC Editor
Searchable database of all RFCs

Bens Bookmarks & Networking Resources
A personal site with links dedicated to networking

ATM Links
Lots of information about ATM.

Network Up Time is dedicated to providing network professionals with the latest in news, tips, training, and information to accomplish this goal.

Frame Relay, ATM and DSL Links
A lot of information about Frame Relay plus some information about X.25, ATM, Voice over IP, SONET, and others.

Contains Connected:An Internet Encyclopedia an amazing supply of hard to find information. Brent Baccala is the owner of the site and has written 100+ articles on various topics related to networking. Plus he has a five part instruction course and a compl

Information Technologies Professional Resource Center
A site that contains a lot of links to various information about networking on the internet. Maintained by the listmember Irwin Lazar