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Sites Recommended by the Members is the site for Cisco® certification preparation featuring Study Guides and Practice Exams that will help you learn more about networking, solve real world networking problems, and score higher on the exams.

Inacom Madison Rack
Inacom Madison Rack - Access a rack of cisco routers over the internet. Great starter rack at a good price.

Tech Republic
Information for the IT world. Has a great section on classroom training if you are an instructor.

NanTech Online Labs provides remote access (via the Internet) to Cisco equipment for certification study purposes. We have equipment to implement just about everything you can expect to see on the CCIE lab, at prices that reduce the overall cost of attaining Cisc

An online router lab at reasonable prices.

Router U
Online routers for rent.

CCIE HeadQuarters
The Cisco Lab facilities of CCIEHQ are available for certification candidates who need hands-on Router experience.

Offers free test questions, scenarios, and has a rack of Cisco equipment.

Measure Up
Offers online test questions and quizes.

Cisco Certified
This site is dedicated to preparing you to become a Cisco Certified Network Associate. (Anyone want to take bets as to how long this site is up before Cisco shuts them down for TradeMark infringement?) offers a variety of simulation labs, practice configuration files and study material to help you understand WAN Technology, Switching, Remote Access, etc.

CC BootCamp
Virtual Lab providing the hardware and carefully designed lab scenarios to give you the experience and skills you need. These labs can be performed via the Internet or at their site. Highly respected on the CCIE Lab list.

Virtual Rack
Provides a virtual lab enviroment for CCNA, CCNP and CCIE students. The students interact with the equipment over the internet while following their custom coursework.

Beach Front Quizzer Online
We provides an easy way to take practice tests for A+, Cisco, Citrix, Linux, Microsoft, Novell, and Oracle Online.

Cisco IOS the Easy Way
Quick and easy way to become a CCIE. You pay after you become a CCIE, not before! This site shows you all of the shortcuts! CCIE in 10 days or less! What are you waiting for? You want to be a CCIE?

CCPrep is an independent Career Certification Preparer that is a leader in helping students prepare for certification examinations in computer technology.

NetCerts Inc.
Offers online study materials with scenarios that are updated twice a month. Owner is an accomplished author (Tom Thomas (OSPF Network Design Solutions) and active listmember.

Network Study
Network Study Guides is the premium provider of study guides for the CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE.