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This page contains a recommendation of books from the listmembers. If you would like to contribute any suggestions, send recommendations to

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Picture of  Cisco Routers for ISDN book Wtitten by Paul Fischer, a listmemer of  Covers advanced configurations (dynamic routing protocols, logging router events), and takes readers through the procedure for establishing a router as a DHCP (Dynamic host control protocol) server. He as provided us with a sample chapter: Chapter 6
CCIE LAB Study Guide. Complete configurations for all examples presented are included. Every configuration tested to ensure accuracy in a research and test lab. The CD-ROM includes over 100 configurations that can be easily manipulated for use along with an evaluation program.
Internet Routing Architectures Every CCIE I know has at least one copy of this book.  Essential for studying complex BGP design problems.  Contains many example Cisco configurations.
1578700698_m.gif (7347 bytes) Top-Down Network Design by Priscilla Oppenheimer, a very active list-member.  She has provided us a sample chapter: Chapter 2
 0130825379_m.gif (11713 bytes) Long awaited book by Bruce Caslow.  This book will help you study for the CCIE Lab exam by using Bruce's "issue spotting" techniques.  This book is also part of the CCIE Resource Library by Prentice Hall.  You may want to take a look before attempting the CCIE Lab.
CCNA.gif (12971 bytes) The CCNA Study Guide.  A lot of positive feedback from the listmembers.  An active listmember helped contribute to the book. The CD-ROM contains a sample test with detailed links to the explanation. 
0079137288_m.gif (13373 bytes) Cisco CCIE Sudy guide.  May be useful for the written exam.   This book contains many errors but does have some hard to find information you will need to pass the CCIE written exam.  The book will only be of minimal help with the lab exam due to the lack of Cisco configuration examples.  If studying for the lab, wait for the book "Bridges, Routers and Switches for CCIEs by Bruce Caslow"
0201309505_m.gif (11750 bytes) Network Application Frameworks:  Authored by a list-member, this book deals with a subject skipped in most Network Design Books - Layers 5, 6, and 7!   Some topics covered in the book are:  RPC, CORBA, Novell and NT Directory services, and IBM Mainframe, SNA and APPN Design.  Highly recommended for CCDP candidates.
1578700663_m.gif (7973 bytes) Cisco CCIE Fundamentals: Network Design and Case studies.  Similar to what is on the CD Documentation, but far more information.  Written to help with the CCIE Lab.
1890911089_m.gif (12856 bytes) The Companion book to the very popular site  The publisher is offering a discount to list-members.  Check the Discount section of this website.
1578700469_m.gif (12120 bytes) OSPF Network Design Solutions -  Written by Tom M. Thomas, an active list-member.  This book has received a lot of positive comments from the members of the list.  Tom has given us a sample of the book:


1578700221_m.gif (12694 bytes) Based on the actual "Introduction to Cisco Router Configuration (ICRC)" course, this book presents readers with the concepts and commands required to configure Cisco routers in multiprotocol internetworks.
1578700744_m.gif (7688 bytes) Based on the well- known ACRC course taught in certified training centers worldwide -Packed with configuration examples to simulate the hands-on labs in the ACRC course -Contains a Cisco certification assessment test on the CD to evaluate learning and development

Other books recommended from the members:
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Recommendations from Irwin Lazar :

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Other Books you may want to consider:

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