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how to break out of the sequence when in "write term" or "show running" in Pix firewall posted 01/15/2003
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Hi All,

My pix configuration is about 800 lines long.  Everytime, I do a "show running" or

"write term" and I would like to break somewhere in the configuration it is not

possible for me to send the "Control ^C" to stop listing of the configuration.  "Control

^C" works on both Cisco routers and switches but apparently not on Pix firewalls.

Now I can use "pager" command to set the page break or "no pager" not to set the

page break.  However, in either case, it is not possible to send the break sequence 

to break out of the "show running" configuration.  This is very frustrating.

Why doesn't Cisco make this damn thing work?  I am running version 6.2(2)


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