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RE: JNCIE-ER Bootcamp [9:5338] posted 02/04/2008
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Can you tell me how can i proceed for JNCIE-ER certification as i was
enrolled for it after JNCIA-ER and JNCIS-ER certification. Kindly let me
know the way for this JNCIE-ER.


From: nobody@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx on behalf of Christopher M. Heffner
Sent: Sun 2/3/2008 7:04 AM
To: juniper@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: JNCIE-ER Bootcamp [9:5338]

Are there any folks on this list that are currently prepping for the Juniper
JNCIE-ER certification?

If so what resources are you using?



Rack Rentals?

Thanks in advance.

Christopher M. Heffner, CCIE 8211, CCSI 98760, JNCI, JNCIA-M/T

Strategic Networks


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