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JNCIP EBGP case study [9:4210] posted 06/06/2006
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On page 553: "Prepend 64512 64512 to all routes received from P1. Ensure
that transit providers do not receive these AS numbers.". According to the
text, candidates have no access of p1 router, so the AS prepend operation
must be done on either r1 or r2. So r1/r2. Then they are sending routes with
AS PATH attribute of "64512 64512 65412 1492" to r3/r4. From r3/r4
perspective, they are IBGP peers of r1/r2 and they would drop those routes,
right? Even with possibility of mistaken 65412 with 64512, should still the
prepend operation be done on EBGP links instead of IBGP links?


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