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OSPF LSA5 Summarization [9:2695] posted 07/31/2003
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Imagine an ASBR router into area 1 advertises external E2 routes 
(let's say 140.0/16, 140.1/16, 140.2/16 and 140.3/16) to my Juniper ABR. 
How can I convince this ABR to send a LSA5 (and4) update 140.0/14 
to the other routers in area 0 ?
The area-range does a great job into summarizing routes advertised 
with LSA type 1 and 2. But it sure doesn't work with LSA 5.
This can be done easily on some other brand products with the command

I tried to set up a similar behavior using policy statements redistributing
a aggregate 140.0/14 and advertising every ospf route except 140.x/16 but
with no success (which is normal, LSA5 are flooded everywhere).
How can it be done ? any hidden command to do the trick ? (I'm in 5.4R2.4 in
my lab)



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