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Re: The good study stuff for JNCIP Testing? [9:2439] posted 04/03/2003
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At 7:26 PM +0000 4/3/03, dre wrote:
>""alok""  wrote in message
>>  while we are at the topic,
>>  is there any cert as of date which is meant mainly for "RFC based
>>  rather than figuring out which "command" and "address prefix filters" do
>>  what in which cli etc?
>yeah it's called ietf attendance.  it should be listed as a primary
>requirement for any network engineering position (especially network
>managers/directors), and companies should be making it prority that
>their network engineers attend.
>here's the link:

As an active participant in IETF and IRTF, do note that while 
physical attendance at the meetings helps, most of the detailed work 
is done on mailing lists.  If you go to and navigate to 
working groups, you'll see the area of coverage of the groups and how 
to subscribe.  IETF groups (not always IETF design teams or IRTF) are 
open, although I strongly recommend lurking to learn the culture 
before posting.

Comment on the drafts when you have something to say. There will be 
lots of reading, but it can be extremely worthwhile.

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