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Re: Seeking Study advice [9:2309] posted 12/12/2002
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Here are some Juniper URLs I thought you find useful:

Technical Documentation - Software and Hardware
Electronic versions of all documentation
HTML, PDF, Tar, Palm Pilot, CD-ROM TAR, eBook

Juniper Networks Image Library - Visio Stencils, PPT Icons, etc.

Technology Notes, White Papers, Application Notes, Brochures, Customer
Profiles, FAQs, Interoperability Test Papers, Solution Briefs

Technical Documentation Quick Reference Cards (QRC) in PDF
Hardware, Installation, Command-Line Interface, Interfaces, Routing Protocols

Juniper Networks Technical Certification Program

Juniper Technical Education Services

Introduction to Configuring JUNOS Internet Software Video
(free online course)

Software upgrades, support related info (Login required)

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