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Re: iBGP based network. [9:2300] posted 12/10/2002
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> The reason a route learned via iBGP isn't announced to other iBGP
> is to prevent looping.  In eBGP, you have the AS path to tell you when
> there's a loop (i.e. if you see your own AS number, there's a loop).
> every router in iBGP is in your AS, you can't use the AS path as a loop
> detection mechanism.  Therefore, you have to prevent loops by mandating
> you can't announce routes learned via iBGP to another iBGP neighbour.  The
> obvious exception to this rule is if you're a route reflector.  Then, you
> have to introduce cluster ids and originators to solve the problem of
> induced loops.

yup i guess i need to look at RR and confederations a bit more...maybe i
could end up with loops there too?...

thanks for the inputs..


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