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RE: L3 VPN/Route reflector architecture [9:2119] posted 09/27/2002
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Not sure why this got posted again...please ignore.

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From: Eric Van Tol 
Sent: Friday, September 27, 2002 11:06 AM
To: juniper@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: L3 VPN/Route reflector architecture [9:2119]

Hi all,
Let's say I have a network with 5 routers:

	P-core-A		P-core-B
	    |			    |
	    |			    |
         PE-A ------PE-B------PE-C

The two core routers are route reflectors for the three PE routers.  No
iBGP peering happens between the PE routers.  The three PE routers can
also reach each other directly, as they are all on the same subnet.

Now I introduce the MPLS VPN and it's necessity to pass routing
information for VPNs through BGP.  Can I set up the iBGP peering
sessions for just the VPNs between the three PE routers without having
to a) set up MPLS on the core routers, and b) set up VPN iBGP peering on
the core routers.  

Since the only information that is passing between the PE router iBGP
sessions are the VRF tables, I would think that this type of setup is
fine.  Am I mistaken?


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