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request About Olive installation£¡ [9:2096] posted 09/16/2002
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Hi Gents:
  I have a question about the Olive installation.Who can help me? Now I have
the Olive software Olive4.0 include boot.flp and Jbundle-4.4B3.2-domestic,or
Olive5.0 include install-media-5.0R1.4-export !"jinstall-5.0R1.4-export and
Junos software ,but when I booted from floppy disk to install Olive4.0,and
the process tell me that can not link /kernel #,I want to know wether the
installation software must include the Freebsd directory by FTP server and
what software must have.
  When I install the Olive5.0 ,the software had installed sucessfully, and
the system said the RE is OLive,and give me #,and give me a message'no
hardware do not discover'.but I could not how to go to the Junos Cli.I used
the ethernet card is Intel 82559 chip.
 If somebody could tell me how to install this software sucessfully,I will
thank you very much.

Jason (Shen Chunma)
Fujian Guomai Technologies,Inc.

33/F,Worldwide Plaza,54 Road,Fuzhou
Fujian 350003,P.R China

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