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Re: Passed CCNA&CCNP in a month [9:826] posted 11/22/2001
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That's really under-impressive.  Sure does say a lot to the worthlessness of
the Cisco Professional Certifications.  I'm sure your charging a nice little
fee for this 'new found' study material.  Now, what does your meaningless
banter about CCNP have to do with Juniper?  Go pimp your garbage in an NT or
Redhat newsgroup where they might care about cheapening the worth of
legitimate certifications.


""Judy White""  wrote in message
> Hello, my name is Judy White and one of my close friends gave me some very
> good study material.  The material was so good that I passed my CCNA and
> CCNP in a month.  That's 5 test in one month with minimum study time.  The
> questions and answers that my friend gave me to study was identical to the
> ones on the actual test. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of this
> material contact me at whiju@xxxxxxxxx

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