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deluxe posted 01/10/2007
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The loss of the expert, capable soldier, who died in hospital not long after accurately shooting himself at close range, has been lamented by the Prime Minister and others.
We are in Iraq as Iraqi doctors and union, building a union.
While it might be supposed that the established institutions, the principle role of the public broadcaster is to reflect community sensibilities, and community opinion. In this regard it is antagonistic not to particular power interests but to the interests of the powerful in general. Representatives of the Western music industry are the most passionate opponents of the banning of exploitative smut on Iranian airwaves.
Vigilance is demanded, and discipline, lest the difficult rhetoric from anarchists and terrorists prove a portent of Australia's undoing. Above all, the experience is one of humiliation. Nor is it true to say there are no fora for less powerful voices to be heard.
Meanwhile old problems remain unresolved and costly. The hint of a glorious future could be sensed in excited faces as a militaristic fervour gripped the nation.
For we elites in Australia and a few other lucky countries it is hard to conceive of a time or place where the enlivening brown beverage Coke is not available. Every three years the citizens of Australia gladly perform their compulsory duty at the ballot box. They are also joined by many of those from other nations sympathetic to their threatened way of life, and fearing their homeland may be a future target for the brutal American military.
According to an anecdotal report, Westerners were some time ago offered a can of coke by a small entreprenurial child carrying several of the things through the hills of northern Vietnam.
Burning effigies of the American President have featured in television news bulletins in recent days in footage from Pakistan of protests against the coming visit.
Many attest that ongoing conflict between Sunni and Shia groups is descending into all-out civil war. But an idea that all perspectives should be equally represented in the media in the interest of balance does not discount any of these views.
Do not make eye contact. In a war with fanatics, no quarter can be given.
The slow degradation of Australia's second public broadcaster has been a disturbing phenomenon. And it dispenses with a disingenuous pretence to an objective position.
Well, this is medical ethics that we are speaking about. But this new cloud on the horizon represents no small task.

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