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CCIE Available for projects [3:5331] posted 09/07/2002
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Hi All:

May as well add my name to the long, long, long list of qualified folks out
there looking for something to do.

I am a double CCIE (R/S & ISP/Dial) #5044, located in the Tampa, FL area.
Although I would just love something in the immediate area, I understand
that something in my backyard might not be available at this time (believe
me, I've checked.) Not one to be picky when it comes to work, I'll settle
for anything project based East of the mighty Mississippi. I can work just
about any arrangement (W2, 1099 or Corp-2-Corp) on a fixed price or hourly
basis depending on the project and your requirements. I'm also very much
open to full time positions within an hour or so commute.

If you're interested, please drop me an email and we can discuss specifics.

Thanks all!

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