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Poll: Resume blasting service results? [3:4903] posted 06/20/2002
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I keep getting swamped with spam from resume blasting services, wanting me 
to submit my resume.  I've always maintained that it's better to keep tight 
control of my resume and only submit to very select 
opportunities.  However, with the number of resume blasting services out 
there and the rates they're charging, some people must find it worthwhile 
to do a mass submission.  I mentioned this to a couple of people I know who 
are actively seeking jobs, and none of them had used a blasting service, so 
they couldn't comment on them.
So, I got wondering about some things and decided to take it to the jobs

For job seekers...
If you've used a resume blasting service, was it effective?  Did you 
actually get a job from the service?  Was it expensive?  Did it cause 
problems (for example, double submissions or recruiters / companies who 
refused to work with you because you used a blast service)?  On a scale of 
1-10, with 1 being worst and 10 being best, how would you rate the overall 

For recruiters (Jeff G. et al.)....
What is your opinion of these services?  Do you have a policy against 
working with candidates who blasted their resume?  Have you run into double 
submission situations from blasted resumes?

If experience says that the blasters are a good thing, I'll recommend that 
my friends try it.  If you guys have had bad experiences, I'll also pass 
that along.


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