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Additional information re search [3:4901] posted 06/20/2002
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I appreciate the response. The client has redefined the needs as follows-
site will either be decommission of rack/server or relocation of same to
another co-location site in same city..Expect 2 days decommission, 3 days

Travel to locations outside "home" city, is paid.

We will  probably have one CCIE and one CCNP (or CCNA) per site.

We need people for Atlanta, Kansas City, Miami, Minneapolis, New Orleans,
Phoenix, Seattle, Chicago, Detroit,

Work may be paired as follows:  (Depends on number of people available..and
winning the bid)

Miami-Tampa-New Orleans-Atlanta

Chicago-Detroit-Minneapolis-Kansas City

Dallas-Ft. Worth,- San Antonio-other location not specified

Seattle-Portland-Salt Lake City

Need resumes and rates ASAP. No response after 7:00 PM this evening will be

Please note that Baltimore-Washington, Philadelphia , Los Angeles, San Diego,
are covered.


Jeff Glaser (jeffglaser@xxxxxxxxxxxx)

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