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Re: SARASOTA studygroup [3:3656] posted 10/25/2001
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I know. I'll be going there today to see what's up. The reason I wanted to
get something going over here in Sarasota is to get and practice some labs
with people getting ready for CCIE. I have a home lab and if somebody else
does too some equipement can be combined to do some serious stuff.

""David L. Blair""  wrote in message
> Better off joining the Tampa Bay Cisco users group especially since it is
> really in Clearwater.  Several Sarasota county IT staff attend meetings.
> Goto for details.
> -dlb
> ""Francisco deAmorim""  wrote in message
> news:200110231956.PAA09074@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> > I'm interested in either joining a studygroup in Sarasota,FL or creating
> > one. Anyone in this area studying or working with Cisco equipment
> interested
> > leave a message or email me.
> >
> > cheers

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