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RE: CCNA-CCNP-CCIE-Written Professional available [3:3632] posted 10/23/2001
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Bottom line:  All certification proves is that you can read a book and are
good at passing tests.  I don't know how many engineers I have worked with
with CCIE's, MCSE's, CNE's, that are pretty much worthless.  Experience and
a knack for logical thinking are what matters.  

I hope and pray that someday headhunters will realize that CCIE and CCIE -
written both are not nearly as important as time and experience in the
field.  Maybe they should shred and burn resumes of people that have high
level certs and little or no experience.

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The reason why not is because it gives the appearance of underhandedness -
as if the candidate is just trying to get the letters "CCIE" on their
resume, no matter how ridiculously.  They would do this in the hopes that
their resume comes up when a headhunter or HR worker does a search on the
letters "CCIE."

Bottom line: it ain't a certification.  If it ain't a certification, don't
call it a certification.  This may not be realistic, but I hope and pray
headhunters are knowledgeable enough to know the difference between a
"CCIE - Written" and a real CCIE, and I hope they shred and burn the resume
of anyone who puts the former on it.  ;-)


""John Hardman""  wrote in message
> No it is not a certification. However in the past when jobs where more
> plentiful than people to fill them, it was not uncommon to see job
> with something like "Required: CCIE written with lab scheduled". So at
> level some employers do place a value on it, so why not list it on the
> resume.
> $0.02
> --
> John Hardman CCNP
> ""Kevin""  wrote in message
> news:200110210747.DAA01264@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> > Tom,
> >
> > I don't think CCIE written can be considered as a certification.
> >
> > Schwantz
> >
> > ""Tom Harrison""  wrote in message
> > news:200110191752.NAA19048@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> > > Hi Friends!
> > >
> > > I have an Excellent Network Professional, immediately available to
> > relocate
> > > anywhere in USA.

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