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Re: CCNA-CCNP-CCIE-Written Professional available [3:3632] posted 10/22/2001
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The reason why not is because it gives the appearance of underhandedness -
as if the candidate is just trying to get the letters "CCIE" on their
resume, no matter how ridiculously.  They would do this in the hopes that
their resume comes up when a headhunter or HR worker does a search on the
letters "CCIE."

Bottom line: it ain't a certification.  If it ain't a certification, don't
call it a certification.  This may not be realistic, but I hope and pray
headhunters are knowledgeable enough to know the difference between a
"CCIE - Written" and a real CCIE, and I hope they shred and burn the resume
of anyone who puts the former on it.  ;-)


""John Hardman""  wrote in message
> No it is not a certification. However in the past when jobs where more
> plentiful than people to fill them, it was not uncommon to see job
> with something like "Required: CCIE written with lab scheduled". So at
> level some employers do place a value on it, so why not list it on the
> resume.
> $0.02
> --
> John Hardman CCNP
> ""Kevin""  wrote in message
> news:200110210747.DAA01264@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> > Tom,
> >
> > I don't think CCIE written can be considered as a certification.
> >
> > Schwantz
> >
> > ""Tom Harrison""  wrote in message
> > news:200110191752.NAA19048@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> > > Hi Friends!
> > >
> > > I have an Excellent Network Professional, immediately available to
> > relocate
> > > anywhere in USA.

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