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Re: Going, going, GONE! [3:3580] posted 10/12/2001
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Its not good, but there are still some jobs out there.  I am with a small
company that has layed off a few so I started looking to be prepared.  I
have been looking for a couple months and finally got an interview today.  I
figure if I can jump up in salary I can put the increase in saveings for
just in case for a while.

""Stevan Pierce""  wrote in message
> Is it me or does it seem that all the IT jobs have withered up and died?
> have been searching on and off for quite some time while doing subcontract
> work, but this is RIDICULOUS!
> I know that my skill set is not that great, but come on.  I was thinking
> about going back to cooking fast food it has gotten so bad.
> I have attached my resume for everyone to see where and what I am doing
> wrong on it, please let me know.  (Please no spam, I am just trying to
> out what I am doing wrong.  I know that it is a pain in the a@@ for
> to have to pull this in, but please bear with me.)
> Stevan Pierce
> [demime removed a uuencoded section named Resume.doc which was 890 lines]

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