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FW: CCIE Written candidates welcome! - Network Engineer needed [3:3584] posted 10/11/2001
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Dear friends,

Please read the forwarded message. Please send me your resume in confidence
and it will be forwarded to my former colleague, Kyle Lee who works for
Concepts In Staffing, in NYC.


Raymond Thomas
Vice President
Lewis Consultants International, Inc.
516-498-2300 ext. 104 (NY office)
646-526-6171 cell

-----Original Message-----
From: Kyle Lee [mailto:kyle@xxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Thursday, October 11, 2001 9:54 AM
To: 'raymond@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
Subject: RE: CCIE Written candidates welcome! - Network Engineer needed
in [3:3087]

I need the following people ASAP.
Salary 110-115K for Sr. people and 75-85K for junior

1. Minimum 5 years networking experience
2. Certification from Cisco CCIE or equivalent
3. Arrowpoint / GSR/ 65XX Cisco skills/ Intrusion detection/ Distributed
Director/ VLans/ Switching and Routing/ GSR's
4. Dot com experience and/or financial banking experience
5. Works well under pressure/ on his/her own / good team player / commited
quality / work long hours / prepared to be on 24HR call
6. Looking for a good experienced network architect
7. Looking for senior and junior people.

Also looking for a skilled person in network managament practices and
who is experienced in Cisco Works and related network management

And also would be intrested in someone who has extensive network cabling

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