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Stranger in town seeks advice [3:3024] posted 08/19/2001
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I have been living in Chicago for around 2 months now.  During that time I
have been trying to seek employment as an entry level networking guy.  I am
not trying to advertise myself here but I am interested in other
people’s opinion of what I should do at this stage of my career.

I have just graduated from university with a BS in computer communications
and networks.  After which, I immigrated to Chicago from London.  The
problem is I am having real trouble finding a job here.

Most jobs seem to require experience, which I only have 2 years of.  What
can I do to get some experience?  I have looked high and low but I am unable
to find anything.  I am currently studying for CCNA but I don't think this
will help me much as I have little networking experience to back it up.

How do things work in this country?  How does anybody get experience in the
first place?  I would be willing to work for free if I could find a job.  I
think USA is in for a long hard recession.  I am no expert on global
economics but from the little I know, USA is going to get a lot worse before
it gets better.

Anyway, what should I do?  I know the obvious answer is to go back to
England.  But my wife really likes it here, so I am stuck here in a bit of a

Any advice, comments etc would be more than appreciated


Kevin Marks      

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