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Re: Network Eng. & Finance ??? [3:2926] posted 08/08/2001
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I don't know how old you are, but with a business degree and tech
experience, well executive level stuff is a little more reachable for you.


 wrote in message
> hi guys.
> i need some career advice. Ive heard from a few people that my finance
> degree would help me in getting in certain type of companies. Now this
> finance degree of mine was the result of a wrong career decision(i would
> have taken comp.sci if you asked me now). However i did do the finance
> degree and came out with large interests in securities and general
> finance. Thats my second hobby next to computers.
> I have done my mcse,ccna and soon hopefully would be able to complete my
> ccnp in a couple of months.
> Also ideally I would like to work at solution providers/integrators but
> as those jobs are difficult to find these days, i probably would have to
> settle at places where my troubleshooting skills would be needed like
> banks or just general companies with WAN's set up.
> What i needed to know is does this network engineering/finance mix
> exist? I mean is it advantageous to any kind of company. If it is then
> while looking for a job i can particularly target these kind of
> companies. Some say i can target brokerages,banks,etc but what i dont
> get is how will my finance degree help me. After all, network engineers,
> even if they know securities, aren't allowed to dabble with the finance
> stuff. I do understand that having a finance degree will make me easily
> adaptable to most needs of the brokerages but I dont think so that
> finance companies would prioritize me over another candidate. Or even
> willing to pay a higher salary for that matter.
> I already am thankful to you people for having read all this. Any advice
> would be just fabulous.

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