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Re: When do you think the market will turn and why? [3:2936] posted 08/08/2001
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The market should start turning around around late 1st q 2002.  The
reasoning is  as  follows:

a) the interest rate cuts - the first cut is taking shape now, the others,
will follow but now at a slower pace. Just because the rate was cut it does
not mean that it will be in place tomorrow. Take time, look at your credit
card bills, mortgages.

b) there is shake out at the it world.  Some companies are utilizing this
moment to get rid of the extra bodies acquired during the y2k "problem".

c) some companies have been cutting to deeeeeeeep (get the point).  Some are
also utilizing this time to say, hey guys, now we can drop some bodies and
then hire outsource work in some cases cheaper because they are looking for

$$$$$$$$$$ makes the bottom line.

We are use things to be used and them thrown out (exceptions exist).

d) Please do not take the following personally, just really think about.

Many companies have been hiring individuals from other countries, (I
personally admire a number of them because the effort and the trust that
they are putting in our system), they come here and they work for in many
cases for less that what we make. Some of these individuals are good and
they can be molded by a company to be part of the infrastructure. Some are
not, why - because they were trained in doing one thing and one thing only.
Look a "CODERS" they can prepare a screen of data in a few lines, but that's
all they know. Is up to people like us that can see the whole and more of
the picture to work with these individuals and make things happen, then we
go and complain that we are not making a lot of money.
We have not only think about $ but the rest of the story.
Ok why we do not blame the current IT problems on the HB1 visas, why not??
now lets look at ourselves first, we are always trying to out do each other
instead we should be helping each other (like real unions used to be). No
Iam not recommending to create a union. Although ????

Well, I think that this is enough for know.

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From: "Raymond Thomas" 
Sent: Tuesday, August 07, 2001 5:41 PM
Subject: RE: When do you think the market will turn and why? [3:2936]

> I'm blushing =)
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> From: JGlaser@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:JGlaser@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
> Sent: Tuesday, August 07, 2001 4:03 PM
> To: Raymond Thomas
> Subject: Re: When do you think the market will turn and why? [3:2936]
> Great question asked by a terrific recruiter:
> The demand  has to be building in many venues. The real key seems to be
> the pure play but the vertical telecom segment of the
> market which was building capacity to beat the band and then found that
> band was disbanded.... bad pun. Dark fiber capacity is great, the problem
> is who will light that fiber and when... It appears that there is life in
> the international telecom space, but that is still 12- + months off before
> it splashes here.
> Moreover, the fallout through the manufacturing ranks in that arena
> (Lucent, CISCO, et al) is helping to depress the market, and fill the
> streets with bodies. Many questions exist, but some hope that the advent
> the new DOT.terminations (.biz) will stir the pot somewhat...(Just lost a
> good engineer to those nice folks).
> Segments to show life first? Look to the Federal sector, which has been
> really hot in network management area, look to the HIPAA compliance
> specialists and look-look at Network Security in all its glory.... The
> key will come from the Router guys-- when they begin to stir, the rest of
> the market will begin to flourish.  Simple equation. New router
> sales=demand for engineers.
> (Perhaps over-simplistic, but I am sure not going to tell Raymond where to
> market his recruiting services...If I had a perfect workable crystal ball
> would be in competition with Raymond.)
> My three cents.
> Jeffrey  Glaser
>                     "Raymond Thomas"
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> think the market will
>                     nobody@xxxxxxxxxxxxx        turn and why? [3:2936]
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>                     08/07/01 11:53 AM
>                     Please respond to
>                     "Raymond Thomas"
> Question to all here... When do you think the market will turn and what
> industries or technologies will survive? I think this post will help many
> understand the severity of the new market condition and give hope to
> others.
> PS: I'll put my two cents after I see the kind of replies we get.
> Regards,
> Raymond Thomas
> Vice President
> Lewis Consultants International, Inc.
> 516-498-2300 ext. 104 (NY office)
> 818-774-1122 direct (LA office)
> 646-526-6171 cell
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