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First one day CCIE [3:2915] posted 08/03/2001
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I Have found this on yahoo.... just forwarding....


Alberto Martmn Sinopoli
Microsoft MCP + I,  MCSE
Buenos Aires - Argentina


First, I want to state that I will not be giving any more details about
the test I took other than those here.

Yesterday, I was the first person to take to actual CCIE Security Lab.
It was an exciting opportunity for me. Not only was this the FIRST
Security lab, it was also the FIRST CCIE lab in a one-day format.

I will simply say that the one day format was brutal. You have to think
very fast, and be very comfortable with base configs. You have to type
quickly and accurately and trust your work, without trying to double
check everything. Then you have to immediately identify the traps and
determine how to work around them or work them out. Then you have to
implement this change quickly.

In my mind a successful 1-day candidate will be able to config ISDN in 5
minutes. Basic BGP in about 10. A frame cloud with all routing in about
15. This includes all the troubleshooting and testing time. This will
allow you to search for arcane commands and idiosyncrasies.

I did have time to search the CD for command info. But I knew exactly
what sections to search. So part of studying should be how to work with
the CD and the location of information.

Finally, I still do not know if I passed. The test is being graded today
and feedback will be given via e-mail. After the test, I know what my
faults were so e-mail feedback is fine with me.

The 1-day test is going to increase the number of applicants, but it
will also increase the number of failures as this format is brutal.

Just to reiterate, if you want information of the CCIE lab, check the
CCIE Website, all the info is there, as well as the equipment list. I do
not want to say ANYTHING else, about the exam, other than to wish you
good luck.

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