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Re: EDS [3:2114] posted 04/05/2001
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I worked there for like 5 years, that is up till  Aug 2000.

I personally would go to another place. Your going to be pigeon holed into
whatever it is that your doing. Lots of red tape and shity managers. Some
good managers, but mostly bad. Its hard to move around to another group and
training is hard to get sometimes. Or another scenario is that you get
training and can't even use it. Within EDS, there are groups that do
specific tasks. If your group doesn't do specifically that,
fa-get-about-it. Its not a bad place to work, but not necesarrily good
either. If your wanting to work with the latest and greatest then stay away.
If you want some security with a stable company, go for it.

I think its a bad place to work if your wanting to stay up with technology.
They are just so big (120,00 employees) that by the time you want to do
something new and get thru all the red tape, its old hat. Within big corps,
the techies (some if not majority) tend to get a little lazy as
certifications are no longer an influence on your position within the
company, it becomes about who you know not what you know. So people tend to
slide a little when it comes to knowledge.

"John Chang"  wrote in message
> Does anyone have good/bad experience working for EDS?  Do they train and
> how is it working for them? Thanks.
> the directions on

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