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CCNA/ NT SYS ADMIN [3:2097] posted 04/02/2001
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I am sending this post to get some feedback from people in Dallas area.

I'm about to be CCNA certified ( taking test in 1 1/2 weeks and I DONT
FAIL), and having been in networking for 6 years already I know how
overrated this cert is/can be. I don't believe in failing as it is not in me
to do so because I love what I do for a living. I also have my MCSE and have
worked in a Win2K environment for the past 6 months. My question is : What
are my realistic opportunities to go to the telecom/engineering side of
networking. As I stated before I'm a Sys Admin ( server role, not helpdesk)
but would like to get in on the telecom side, and what I know, I know really
well. I'm a fast learner with a high aptitude to learn new things and like a
challenge. Is there anyone in Dallas that has an opening for my skill set or
should I go get a few more certs to break into the telco side of things?

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