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RE: Need Design Advice [7:132525] posted 09/07/2008
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Well, I don't mind replying. This is just general advice and not a scope of
work, material/cost estimate or anything. The tech involved actually goes to
something like the CCNP/CCSP if you think it out.

Hub and spoke is great if most of the traffic flow between the spokes and
the hub. Not so much if most of the traffic flows spoke to spoke. With that
said, considering that the network is GigE unless we're talking a huge
amount of spoke to spoke traffic (enough to hammer the bandwidth/processing
at the hub) you'll likely be ok.

You do need to consider backup links for the spokes in case the mains go
down. Different carrier than the main if these are very important links and
must be up 24/7.

You also need to consider the nature of the data. Is all the data financial?
If so, do you trust the carrier, or do you want to encrypt some or all? If
you do encrypt, do you need additional equipment for that purpose? Can that
equipment keep up with your bandwidth needs?

Some questions to be asked, its always best to think of a worst possible
scenario and reason out what you need to make the network robust, fast and
secure enough.

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