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Re: Suggested Schools [7:132121] posted 08/03/2008
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I took my CCNA a while back with The Training Camp (,
they also are a testing center reguardless where you take the class.  I will
be attending the CCNP in Chicago in Oct.  Wanted to take it in June in VA
but it got cancelled, I was the only one signed up. This is a 14 day class. 
I loved the CCNA class it was very good, with Brian D'Andrea, awsome
instructor, he teaches all the CCNP classes. I dont care for Global
Knowledge because they dont test you there, they give vochers. Which means
your on your own after class. I prefer to know you will be tested that week
(You pay attention, LOL).  I have pretty much have gone over all the
sections of the CCNP 3 times to the point I am tempted to go and just the
exams, but I can wait till Oct, I have paid for the class already, so just
more study time....

Good Luck my friend!
Frank, Sr. Technical Instructor, Fujitsu
CCNA, CCDA and soon-CCNP  LOL!

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