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ASA [7:132069] posted 07/26/2008
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Hey Guys,
Where I am currently working we are using ASA 5520's... We have 2 of  
them and one is currently used for Site-to-Site VPN tunnels and  
employee VPN connections and the other is used to inspect internet  
traffic. I have been giving the OK to change things so, with that  
being said...

I want to combine the 2 roles of the ASA's into one device and  
configure them for fail-over (The CPU load never goes above 5%)...  
Now, the question is whether its more common for Active-Standby or  
Active-Active? What is the industry standard? I can configure them  
either way and we have gigabit switches which will allow the active- 
active to work just fine...

Also, I will be responsible for installing VOIP soon and it would be  
nice that if that one of the ASA's failed we wouldn't lose any calls  
or any of the current connections (Active-Active).

So if anybody has any experience with this, I sure would like to get a  
little feed back on what the current best practices are!!


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