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Re: Shuttle PC for Dynamips [7:131700] posted 07/25/2008
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Nagendra , the above site does have link to the ripped version of Win2K3
server. At the bottom of the post, the poster has given the download link.
image is less than100MB.
Ahmed Waqas, running dynamips on it is quite simple, the link does have aB 
bootable .iso image. Use it to install the OS on any system. Once the os is
installed, just like any other system, install dynamips and all its
dependencies (Winpcap etc...).
Initially when i tried to run dynamips on the fresh installation, dynamips
wouldn`t start, For that to work , i had to copy "npptools.dll" file to
system32 folder. Once that was copied i was able to start dynamips
successfully. But when i tried to console to a router....... boom.... there
wasn`t telnet on the system. For this to work i had to copy "security.dll"
"telnet.exe" files to system32 (If you like putty, you can just use putty,
copy putty to any place on the system... I works fine.)
I have not tried it with multiple PC`s.
Since i am comfortable with Linux, i do use Ubuntu on my Q6600 powered
If you are a linux geek you can customize linux , theB way you want, i am
having a copy of Slax with dynamips on USB,B No need to install, insert the
USB, boot the system through USB, then u are ready to go labbing. (Wut is
This was actually the hard work of Deadwait. you can find the original cd/usb
I have customized it further the way i wanted it (One thing, there isnt any
64bit version of it. ButB good for those who want to get a feel of linux.)B 
Hope this should be helpful.


--- On Fri, 25/7/08, nagendra pratap singh  wrote:

From: nagendra pratap singh 
Subject: Re: Shuttle PC for Dynamips [7:131700]
To: "Rajendra Prasad" 
Cc: cisco@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Friday, 25 July, 2008, 2:31 PM

What is the product linked on the above site?

Rajendra Prasad wrote:
There is no second link, Oh if youB are talking aboutB Q6600, then sorry, i
was talking about the intel quad core processor.B
--- On Fri, 25/7/08, dvd zone  wrote:

From: dvd zone
Subject: Re: Shuttle PC for Dynamips [7:131700]
To: cisco@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Friday, 25 July, 2008, 6:55 AM

You are right that VMware means that the user does not want to leave
windows!. But your second link is not working. Please post another link

Best regards

On 7/24/08, Rajendra Prasad  wrote:

64 bit Linux is always good when it comes to Dynamips, For thoseB people
doesn`t want to leave windows, give a try onB Micro 2003.
You can find the details here.
Working within VMware is not going to help either, you are just adding the
Q6600 is really a beast.
Hope i am right.

--- On Thu, 24/7/08, dvd zone  wrote:

From: dvd zone
Subject: Re: Shuttle PC for Dynamips [7:131700]
To: cisco@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Thursday, 24 July, 2008, 5:56 AM

Has anyone tried Linux inside Vmware and then dynamips inside that linux?
After all dynampis for windows and dynamips for linux are different

BTW IMAP running inside vmware runs better than all the IMAP servers I
on windows 2003.

Best regards

On 7/23/08, Nikolay Abromov  wrote:

XP is not doing very well with dynamips (for CCIE labs,if you running

than 10 instances) Use Linux/*BSD.
I would recommend you (if it's for mobile processor)  T7600 or


at least 2g ram. I was running dynamips
on T7500.. it's crappy.. so I went to first computer shop and
      bought a

computer with Q6600 for less than 1k EU +  hosting.

from self experience - it's not good idea to invest in laptop.

best Regards,
Nikolay Abromov

On Wed, Jul 23, 2008 at 5:12 AM, dvd zone  wrote:

Is that on Windows/XP?

On 7/23/08, sense dix  wrote:

i run my laptop with dynamips/gns3 very well..

it deploy with intel 1.6G dual-core  T5500,  2G RAM,,

it can flight more than 12 routers very well...

On Wed, Jul 2, 2008 at 11:37 PM, Dino Costantini


I am running dynamips (with GNS3 that I find quite

and I can

simulate 10 routers (maybe more) and 2/3 virtual

(VBox and

VMWare) without problems.

My machine is a 2.4 dual core with 2G of RAM running

on an

encrypted partition (just to say that the system may



On 6/27/08, Rogelio  wrote:

Cisco Nuts wrote:
 > What model/specs of a Shuttle PC would be

to run Dynamips


 > preparation
 > for the CCIE lab?

Have you actually installed Dynamips yet and run
              various IOS images


 it?  That might give you an idea of what type of
              beefy box you

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