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Re: Go for ccie or CCVP [7:131990] posted 07/21/2008
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The company that throws my resume in the trash simply because I have a CCIE
is not a company I want to work for.

On Mon, Jul 21, 2008 at 6:19 PM, Adrian Brayton  wrote:

> Heres my 2 cents on this subject....
> I have very little experience with the CCIE certification and will
> always respect the individual that has attained this coveted
> certification BUT, I have also been in the hiring process at a few
> large companies!  I have been at the table reviewing resumes and when
> they see that someone has a CCIE they are automatically thrown into
> the trash (Unless you are applying at Cisco), why... Because they are
> assumed to want to much money!
> Go for the CCVP, and if your bored after that go for your CCSP! Who
> needs an expert in one track anyways? Everywhere I have worked, they
> want someone who has a vast experience with as much hardware as
> possible... Someone who can figure something out not, one who can
> configure a router or switch using all the latest technology... (Its a
> nice thought but most companies are already set up and not ready for
> any big changes, just small effective ones!)
> HTH's
> Good Luck!
> On Jul 20, 2008, at 8:23 AM, Tika Gurung wrote:
> > Hi frens,
> >          Iam have completed ccnp and thinking what to do ccvp or
> > ccie,heard
> > that ccvp is hot the same time ccie prevails too.
> >
> > can u give me some ideas plz.what is it like there in market place.
> >
> > Thank you guys.I would be grateful
> >
> > cheers

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