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RE: 2800 series routers back to back [7:131946] posted 07/15/2008
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What part do you want to know about???  If you have serial links (WIC-1T or
WIC-2T) they make short DCE-DTE crossover cables from a variety of places.
( is a good one as I recall, but I'm sure others will
provide a list).

If you have a WIC-1DSU-T1, you'll need an RJ45 T1 crossover cable.  You can
make your own by crossing the 1-2 pair with the 4-5 pair on the other end.

Once these are up, you can run PPP, HDLC, Frame Relay or whatever you want
over them.


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Subject: 2800 series routers back to back [7:131946]

Hello all,

     I was wondering if anyone had information on connecting (2) 2800 series
routers back to back and simulating a serial link. Any help would be
appreciated. Thanks -D

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