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Re: OSPF area 0 question [7:131756] posted 07/01/2008
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Hi Daniel,

an ABR won't put in its routing table an inter-area route learned from 
another ABR though a non-backbone area. I think it may flood the LSA in 
the area anyway, I am not sure.

Anyway this will break all inter-area communication because the ABR 
won't be able to route packets destined to other areas.

Intra-area communication won't be affected as the inter-area flooding 
will work fine.



Daniel Tsay (dtsay) wrote:
> Hi,
> I would like to ask a question and hopefully someone can help.
> Regarding the area 0 in the OSPF, I know that the area 0 is needed it.
> What about if I don't configure area 0, but just only area 1 or 2. Can
> it still communicate between those two areas?
> Thanks in advance.

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