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RE: Brian D'Andrea [7:129099] posted 06/23/2008
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If your going to take the CCNA/CCNDA from the trainingcamp, take it with
Brian.  He is by far the best, in my opinion.  He very verbal and strong
which is what you will need in a bootcamp enviroment. He makes sure you
understand the content. I got all my certs through him.  He is also the only
CCNP instructor too.  Im studying up to get the upper hand before taking his
class. I wont take a class if he isnt teaching it.

Sorry, for the late response, I just noticed your message, hopefully you
already have your cert....good luck.

Frank B
Sr. Technical Instructor
CCNA, CCDA....and soon CCNP/DP and CCIE....LOL!

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