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Frame-relay Confusion, [7:131581] posted 06/19/2008
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hi all, i am confused with a very basic scenario so kindly guide me, this
post will be a bit long so kindly bare it :)
i have 3 routers R1, R2, R3 connected via frame-relay network in hub n spoke
topology. R1 is the hub, R2,R3 are spokes. Their relative configuration is
given below
int se 1/0
en frame-relay
no frame-relay inverse-arp
ip address
frame-relay map ip 102 broadcast <-- to R2
frame-relay map ip 103 broadcast <-- to R3

int lo 0
ip add

router rip
ver 2
no auto

On R2 and R3 similar configuration is present with frame-relay map pointing
to broadcast and running rip.
R2 loopback
R3 loopback

now i can see routes at R2 via rip

R [-/-] via, serial 1/0

when i ping from R2 and do debug i can see encapsulation failed,
since is not present in the frame-relay map command, so far its
cool, no confusion at all. now see wht are my concepts of next hop resolution,
to go to 
sh ip route
it will show next hop of
to reach
its showing directly connected via se 1/0
it will look for layer 3 to layer 2 mapping which is not present hence encap
now this is wat i did to solve the issue ( which is my actual confusion )
i gave an static route
ip route
now when i again performed lookup see wat happened !
sh ip route
reach via
sh ip route
reach via
sh ip route
direclty connected via Se1/0

now if i ping it fails !!, if i only change the route to this one
ip route
now ping is successful, 

Can some1 really explain me why it didnt happen in the previous route ? when
i have told the router that is reachable via whose mapping
is present in the map table then why didnt it succeeded ??

Kindly explain me this in a convincing manner since i m really confused (
couldnt sleep last night ! )

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