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RE: level 15 on router [7:130969] posted 04/08/2008
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I've been working an issue here at work where this command
Privilege level 15
isn't sticky to the configuration, 

It drops from the configuration (show run) after reboot of the switch on
line vty 0 4,  it stays on line vty 5 15. This only happens in a switch
stack environment.

If I break the stack, both switches retain the command in
a single switch configuration line vty 0 4, Privilege level 15 (in show
run). after a reboot

this is on 3750 gear, 12.2(40), these are dewfault configs, wr erase,
deleted vlan.dat, only config change on clean switch is setting the priv
level command on vty 0 15

has anyone ever seen this before?

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