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Re: ccie or ccvp [7:130734] posted 04/01/2008
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Hi Tika, 

   There's really no point in stressing about it as exactly the same
argument can be made for Security, for IPv6, for Storage networks, for
integration etc etc. There's a huge transition taking place within the
market and a big push for everything over IP. Certainly VoIP is getting a
lot of attention today, but there's a shortage of IP skills across the board.

   Ironically, if you're really looking for a "best", network design is
probably the way to go; to be someone with a grasp of "the big picture",
coupled with a detailed knowledge about how IP works. Just like everything
else though, your potential "customers" are looking for both what you have
on paper AND what experience you've received in the big bad world ....

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