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Re: slightly OT: color coding your diagrams [7:129920] posted 02/25/2008
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> I carry still the multi-protocol/multi-color bic pens with red,black,blue
>  and green (thats bgp, eigrp, ospf and rip to the uninitiated) that came
>  me to several trips to SJ/RTP...

Consider me uninitiated.  Is this any sort of standard or just
personal preference?  What color do you use for plain-jane physical
connections?  (It might become my standard regardless)

Is RIP still common on the lab?

>  oh, and they are made in FRANCE. So i dont have to worry about any toxic
>  chinese chemicals seeping into my skin as i hold it in my sweaty CCIE
>  security/service provider candidate palms...

So, is that "Freedom red", "Freedom black", "Freedom Blue", and
"Freedom green"?  Or I guess it would have to be the opposite...

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